OG Whatsapp APK Latest Version Download | Anti-ban 2020

OG Whatsapp APK Latest Version - hey guys welcome to another new fresh article, today here we will know about OG Whatsapp APK. if you want to know about the latest version of OG Whatsapp then you're the right place.

Whatsapp is the most popular and best-messaging application in you can send any text SMS, video, image, and audio, etc. after that, you can place status on WhatsApp but in spite of all this most people want more advance features in WhatsApp it's true because in the official WhatsApp we can able limited features. so if want to more advance and best features on WhatsApp which can change your WhatsApp experience and can better then you need OG Whatsapp.

OG Whatsapp latest version 2020 - Whatsapp needed no introduction, it's the worldwide most popular messaging app that  500 million active users monthly. Whatsapp always has been with us since we got a smartphone on our hands. it's clean user interface and flexibility make a stand messaging app out there. it is safe, fast and user-friendly even we don't think to use another messaging app instead of WhatsApp. when launched WhatsApp on google play store, initially, it had leaked some of the features and basics messaging needed.  but now, WhatsApp got the better day and Whatsapp provides features and tons that attract and make user visits and visit again and again.

OG Whatsapp APK Latest Version v8.25 [ Anti-Ban ] 2020

OG Whatsapp is a modded version of Whatsapp which gives its simple, clean and beautiful user-friendly look. it gives free massing service that secure and reliable. developers also add new advance features in OG Whatsapp. OG Whatsapp provides security according to users' needed. OGWhatsapp offers user privacy regarding their needed like deciding who will watch their profile pic, status and who can chat with them. this all makes it is a reliable messing app out there. Develops also add some advance options in OGWhatsapp latest version recently like, deleting the sent message, hide online status. OG Whatsapp is an alternative version of Whatsapp Plus.

 What Is OG Whatsapp APK?

OG Whatsapp is a modified version of official Whatsapp, it's safe, fast and you can in OG Whatsapp exclusive features that you do not able on official Whatsapp. developers have created OG Whatsapp modified by official Whatsapp. but which different between  OG Whatsapp and Whatsapp that is features because developers add some interesting features it's main features like hiding online status, DND mode, deleting sent SMS, customization, and auto-reply, etc.  we have provided full information that too with direct download link of OGWhatsapp.

Download OG Whatsapp APK Latest Version 2020

OG Whatsapp Latest Version v8.25 [ Anti-Ban ] 2020

OG Whatsapp Information

OG Whatsapp Latest Version v8.25 [ Anti-Ban ] 2020
OG Whatsapp Latest Version v8.25 [ Anti-Ban ] 2020

Awesome Features Of OG Whatsapp 

Hey, guys if you're bored with official Whatsapp then don't worry with OG Whatsapp you can able unlimited amazing features. If you ask why i bored with official Whatsapp because in the official WhatsApp we can able limited features. you can't customize the official WhatsApp home screen background, conversation screen, text front, can't download status and many more things but with OG Whatsapp you can customize your WhatsApp home screen background, conversation screen according to your mode. apart from this, you can access many more options like privacy, hide online status, etc. so let's see some awesome feature of OG Whatsapp.

Anti-Ban APK:

If you used a modded version of Whatsapp then you have might know the pain of getting banned. the official WhatsApp never accept that Whatsapp user uses other third-party modded version of Whatsapp app. but if you use the OG Whatsapp latest version then you never got the pain of banned issues because the developers fixed it and you don't have to face any issues regarding Ban and apart from this, developers add many more advanced features.

Pree-Build Scheduler SMS: 

Guys many times we forgot to send some important message them but then the developers add these new features recently, but now with this, feature you can schedule any SMS to sent any person at a fixed time. you can schedule any SMS, image, file, etc. OG WhatsApp will send automatically your schedule messages. 

Download Status :  

hey, guys if you use official WhatsApp then you have must know that in the official WhatsApp you can not download any WhatsApp status but using  OG Whatsapp you can download any other person WhatsApp status.

 Hide Online Status, Stricker: 

Using the OG Whatsapp you can hide you your online status, in this case, if you do with chat anyone then other people would not see that you're online now. apart from this, you can use unlimited 3D stickers in OGWhatsapp without install other third-party app.

Send Large File :

You must know that in the official Whatsapp you can't send the large files like photos, videos, documents, etc. in the official Whatsapp you can't be sent a file up to 50 MB but using OG Whatsapp you can send large, high qualities photos and etc. apart from this, in the official Whatsapp you can't forward any message up to 5 person but in the OGW you can forward message to unlimited person. 

Customization :

If it comes to customization then you do not customize official WhatsApp but in OG Whatsapp you can customize home screen background, conversation background, font, theme, profile pics and apart from this you can set full up in your OG Whatsapp profile. and in the OGW you can download unlimited themes for free.

OG Whatsapp  APK Installation Guide 

Now you know all about OG Whatsapp from download and install your phone? don't worry i it's very simple. if you have ever installed any app then you can install OG Whatsapp on your phone easily. still, i tell you how you can install OGW on your smartphone. for install OG Whatsapp then follow below steps - 

Step 1: At first download OG Whatsapp from this page. after download open this APK file from where you downloaded it and tab on APK file and click on install. [ Must be on "unknown source" option ]  

Step 2: After installing click on the open button and after that fill phone and OTP and run OG Whatsapp in your device.

Final Word

well, everyone have might use deferent purposes OG Whatsapp new version. there are many questions has on OGW like is it safe ? is it free? and many more things. yes OGW is totally free and you can use it according to your mode. it features around the same to same like Whatsapp GB and YO Whatsapp.

I hope you would like this post and if you like it please share with your friends and social media if you have any questions then must be comment, Thank you! EnJoY OGWhatsapp.

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