WhatsApp Plus Latest Version APK Download v8.25 | Anti-ban 2020

WhatsApp Plus APK Latest Version  Download - hey guys welcome to another fresh article, today here i will tell about WhatsApp Plus and how you can Download WhatsApp Plus on your device. so without any wasting time let's start -

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Whatsapp Plus one best and most popular Whatsapp APK . with this app, you can able unlimited amazing feature. i myself use this great app for many purposes which the primary usage of Whatsapp Plus, I use this app to getting multiple Whatsapp account on my same device with the same number, to hide mu online status, to hide blue sticks, even I use this Whatsapp plus app to impress my friends with those multiple Whatsapp plus features. i hope your needs are not different from my needs. many people use this app to get multiple WhatsApp account on the same number.

WhatsApp Plus Latest Version APK Download v8.20 | WhatAapp Plus For Android
WhatsApp Plus Latest Version APK Download v8.20 | Whatsapp Plus For Android 

those, who use GBWhatsApp, they also can use WhatsApp plus, some people say this app is not worthy and it's not working but when i used  Whatsapp plus it works perfectly without any errors or issues.  however, i do not use this with my primary phone number for ban issues. you can use Whatsapp plus on your device without getting any error. but I also highly recommend you not to use  WhatsApp plus with primary mobile or phone number. because this and its features are awesome this is not an official app so a ban error can come anytime, for safety does not use primary number otherwise if you use this app with your primary number then your number can be banned forever.

Whatsapp Plus Information: -

NAME:                   WHATSAPP PLU
Version:                   Latest
Size:                        52.85 MB
Required android:   5.0 +
Latest Update:        1 day ago 

Download WhatsApp Plus APK Latest Version 

WhatAapp Plus For Android

What's New In The Latest Version Of WhatsApp Plus APK

  • Add new emoji
  • Add you participate, new group
  • New option setting
  • New design
  • New notify bar icon   

Awesome Features Of WhatsApp Plus | WhatsApp Plus New Features 


  • Hide your online status
  • Hide blue stick
  • Hide Writing status
  • Hide recording 
  • You can hide blue microphone
  • Hide your view status
  • You can disable/enable anti revoke 
WhatsApp Plus Setting:
  • Striker package download GB PLUS
  • Sticker download
  • Wallpaper download from GB PLUS
  • You can able with WhatsApp Plus lots of awesome free theme
  • You can customize Home screen
  • Customize conversation screen
  • You can share video files up to 50 MB
  • You can send audio files up to 100 MB
  • High-quality image shareable
  • You can change your WhatsApp Plus icon which show on your mobile home screen
  • You can download or save Whatsapp status
  • Auto reply 
  • Many more
General settings:
  • Backup and restore 
  • DND mod
  • Download theme
  • Change notification, auto-download

Advantage Of WhatsApp Plus [ Best features of WhatsApp plus ]

Advantage Of WhatsApp Plus

Advantage Of WhatsApp Plus

you can take full advantage of Whatsapp+ with a lot of features which you can't able with Official Whatsapp [ i mean which get on play store ]. actually, in the WhatsApp [ official ], you get limited features but with WhatsApp plus you can unlimited awesome features that would increase your WhatsApp experience. lest's see which that awesome features which make you a pro-WhatsApp user.

Privacy: privacy must important of every people, so with WhatsApp + you can able unlimited privacy features.

Hide Online Status:  actually, this feature is my favorite because, with this feature you can hide your online status, this means that, no one can see you at what time you run you're WhatsApp. apart from that, with you will be chatting, he can not see whether you are online or not.

Download theme:  Actually this the amazing feature on WhatsApp Plus, if talking about WhatsApp [ Official ] then there you can't download any theme, if you want to set extra theme in the official WhatsApp then you have take to help another third party app.  from Whatsapp but with WhatsApp plus you can able unlimited theme for free which make your WhatsApp another look.

Download WhatsApp Status: This the most popular and amazing feature on the Whatsapp plus, because with this feature you can download another person status.

Read deleted message:  by help this feature you can see deleted message wich send from the sender. after deleted this message. [ for doing this click on {...} dot and tab on anti-revoke, three dot⇒anti-revoke]

Change icon: with WhatsApp + you can change the Whatsapp icon which shows on your mobile home screen. apart from that you also can change your WhatsApp notification bar icon, theme, WhatsApp home screen, conversation screen, language fronts.

Stricker & emoji download: if you use WhatsApp [ Official ] the used lot of amazing sticker you have to take an another third party app for download emoji & sticker. but with Whatsapp Plus you can unlimited emoji & sticker without help by any third-party application.

Many & more: You will get so many features in this WhatsApp plus that, if i counting all the features, it will not end.

Disadvantage Of WhatsApp Plus 

The main disadvantage of WhatsApp plus that is Bann issues. so many people say their WhatsApp account temporary banned for using WhatsApp Plus   but personally, I used this WhatsAppwithout any error.  
still, i highly recommended you do not use your primary phone number on this app. apart from, you can use this app without any error, so install and enjoy.

Final Word 

Actually, WhatsApp Plus, it's not an official app this a mod  version of official WhatsApp. you can install this app easily after download WhatsApp Plus from this page. Apart from that many other WhatsApp  APK available online but this the best from my point of view. so Download WhatsApp Plus APK and EnJoY.

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so please share this amazing WhatsApp plus with social media and your friend. see you till the next awesome article. Have a NICE day   

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  1. I use a modified version of this application on my device that is called NSWhatsApp...